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Brown Eyed Girl

A brief transcription of the bassline from the classic Van Morrrison song.


A brief transcription of the bassline in the first chorus of this album track from Corinne Bailey Rae's debut album.

Yesterday Once More Full Bass Transcription

A complete transcription of Joe Osborn's bass line from the Carpenter's classic song.

Killer Queen

A complete transcription of John Deacon's understated, yet remarkably tasteful bass part.

Space Oddity

A complete transcription of Herbie Flower's classic bass part.

Move Your Feet

A complete transcription to the Junior Senior hit, which has recently been featured in the Trolls Movie!

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

A complete transcription of what is arguably Travis' most popular single. Dougie Payne's bass part features a subtle use of open strings to help maintain momentum throughout the song.

I'll Take You There

A complete transcription of The Staple Singers' classic groove. It demonstrates just how much mileage one can achieve with a simple two-bar bassline!

Murder on the Dance Floor

A complete transcription of Guy Pratt's Disco-tinged bassline featured in what is arguably Sophie Ellis Bextor's most popular hit single.


A complete transcription of Kool and The Gang's iconic, feel-good hit song.

True Love

This is a little-known rarity from Al Green's 'A Deeper Shade of Green' collection. It's a fantastic example of how to make three chords sound exciting. Pentatonic major fills, implied dominant sevenths and occasional chromatic passing notes with plenty of syncopation; this is the definition of 'cooking'!

Suddenly I See

A transcription of the classic KT Tunstall song. This bass lines was recorded by Arnulf Lindner. He used a pick, some mild overdrive and most likely either a Fender Precision or Jazz Bass.

6/8 Ballad Groove Backing Track
I-IV-V in C Major Backing Track
I-IV-V7 in G Major Backing Track
I-VI-II-V in A Major using 7th chords Backing Track
I-VI-IV-V in D Major Backing Track
Shifting Bass Drum Groove Backing Track
Simple Drum Beat Backing Track