Music Theory Resources

Videos, transcriptions and audio files

Transcription Task 1 (Maneater)

Transcription and resources for Transcription Task 1 (Maneater).

Maneater Resource

Manuscript used to accompany the questions on Maneater.

Transcription Task 2 Unchained Melody

A task designed to aid identification, description and explanation of concepts associated with transcription.

Unchained Melody Accompanying Sheet

Manuscript to be used alongside questions on Unchained Melody.

Transcription Task 3 'Space Oddity'

A task designed to help develop transcription of chords, rhythms and intervals.

Space Oddity Resource

Manuscript to be used alongside questions on 'Space Oddity'.

Aural Perception Summary Challenge

A series of questions on a variety of songs to challenge your application of melody, rhythm, harmony and tonality.

Aural Perception Summary Accompanying Sheet

Accompanying sheet to use with the summary challenge questions.

'Centerfold' Transcription Task

A series of questions based on the hit song by the J. Geils Band.

Centerfold Accompanying Notation

Notation to accompany the transcription task based on 'Centerfold' by The J. Geils Band.

Key Changes and Modulations

An exercise in aural perception and application of diatonic harmony based on real songs.

Pete's Fast Track to Practising Scales and Arpeggios

A guide into how you can develop your ability to play scales and arpeggios effectively whilst fast tracking your musical focus and technical dexterity.

6/8 Ballad Groove Backing Track
I-IV-V in C Major Backing Track
I-IV-V7 in G Major Backing Track
I-VI-II-V in A Major using 7th chords Backing Track
I-VI-IV-V in D Major Backing Track
Shifting Bass Drum Groove Backing Track
Simple Drum Beat Backing Track